Jayden / Chresus Jist

by Wilhelm show me the Major Label

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JAYDEN are Dani (bass), Nici (drums), Michi (vocals, lyrics), Thomas (guitar)
recording/mix: tom
Graz, February 2015

CHRESUS JIST are Filip (guitar), Ljuba (bass), Ivana (drums)
Delusion Daze - Zagreb live session 2014
recorded live and straight to tape in Zagreb 05/19/14
released 30 May 2014
rec/mix: Goran Lautar
additional vocals on c.j. and it's all wrong Darija Turina, Dirt Sleeze
Belgrade, Serbia


released May 2, 2015



all rights reserved


Wilhelm show me the Major Label Graz, Austria

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Track Name: Jayden - No Doubt
Demanding answers to questions I’ve never asked, satisfaction will truly stay out of reach and that’s why I try to get rid of all the feelings, the emotions that keep me unbalanced. Raised awareness embraces the obvious, but builds a distance to so called reality.
Keep your barriers high and your borders uncrossable, interaction what for? And I wonder what should I do?
Say nothing about nothing, to be sure doing nothing wrong. I’m stuck in an overload of meanings and thoughts of directions to go. Quicksand made of norms and dogmas that swallows my abilities to act and keeps me from learning of mistakes and regrets I make.
Release the truth that you own and spread it all over me, I’m patient waiting for this day to come.
Track Name: Jayden - Godspeed
What it’s like to forget, rest the past for all time?
Said and done, recreate, team up for new hope spring.
All the effort of making it better, in fact is worsening everything
Why I wonder all the time, focused on grieving shame?
Track Name: Jayden - Grande Break
And that’s why I want you to quit,
So I can get finally over it.
I try to intervene for something vain,
to steal away from suffering all the pain.
Oh and you want it, you want it to be now.
Track Name: Jayden - Clueless
Let’s face the so called reality,
million parts of fake plastic surgery.
Images of past, present and to come,
TV sets full of brainwash program.
And I wonder if there’s no other option,
than to demolish the obvious and to sacrifice your idols