1. Sundl

  2. Lonesome Hot Dudes / Holnaplányok

  3. The Damski / Terz Nervosa

  4. Things Don't Talk
    Crystal Soda Cream

  5. Wenn Auge Mund Wird
    Veza Fernandez

  6. Levie

  7. Gorge

  8. Pushing up the Daisies
    Death by Delirium

  9. No Easy Way

  10. Eclectic

  11. Black Fjords
    Black Fjords

  12. Wilhelmine show me the No No No: Side A

  13. Wilhelmine show me the No No No: Side B

  14. Red Gaze
    Red Gaze

  15. Farrago
    Cryptic Commands

  16. A Gentleman In Distress
    Jesus Christ Super Distortion

  17. No Star

  18. Awry

  19. Lonesome Hot Dudes / EsRAP

  20. Jayden / Chresus Jist

  21. Шапка (Schapka) / Just Friends and Lovers

  22. SOS Tape

  23. LE TAMTAM / Johnny Glimmer

  24. Aivery play Ramones / Robotra play Bowie
    Aivery / Robotra

  25. Escape from Vienna Remixes
    Crystal Soda Cream

  26. Henry H.
    Henry H.

  27. Girlfriend of many Pilots / Mile me Deaf

  28. Self Titled
    Judy, you're not yourself tonight

  29. We are sould out too

  30. Vortex Rex / Upperclass Shoplifters

  31. Crystal Soda Cream
    Crystal Soda Cream

  32. Brüssel

  33. Goldsoundz / TV Buddhas

  34. The Happy Kids play their own Songs!
    The Happy Kids

  35. Black Fox Tropikal / A Thousand Fuegos Split

  36. Just Friends and Lovers
    Just Friends and Lovers / Love Is

  37. Das letzte Tape der Erde
    HC Roth

  38. Two classic Albums from
    Lady Lynch

  39. Vídeň je mrvtá (Wien ist tot II)

  40. Upperclass Shoplifters / Oreaganomics

  41. Dust Covered Carpet / Telly is the Tube

  42. Goldsoundz

  43. No=Fi / Wilhelm

  44. Le TAMTAM

  45. Битва хлеба и тумана (The battle of a bread and a mist)

  46. HC Roth / Fäidaboll
    HC Roth / Fäidaboll

  47. Upperclass Shoplifters
    Upperclass Shoplifters

  48. Black Fox Dance / Killed by 9V Batteries
    Black Fox Dance

  49. TV Buddhas / Black Fox Dance

  50. Black Fox Dance plays Cage
    Black Fox dance


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